Fantasy Premier League Week 4

So I just decided I should give an update on where I currently am with my fantasy team and what transfers I’ve made. So this is who I currently have:

(s) indicated the player is starting this week


  • Courtois
  • De Gea (s)


  • Walker
  • Alderweirld (s)
  • Milner
  • Yoshida(s)
  • Bailly (s)


  • Dele (s)
  • Mooy (s)
  • Brady (s)
  • Jese (s)
  • Barry


  • Kane (s)
  • Gabiadini (s)
  • Chicarito (s)

That is how my team is currently looking. I have done decently well getting 38 pts. then 55 pts. and then 44 pts. Those aren’t too great but considering the fact that it is no longer August I can count on Kane to start contributing more. I’m still not fully pleased with my midfield and feel it is pretty weak/average. I know Mooy has done well and that’s why I picked him up but who knows how long that form will last. I have not started Barry once and he is pretty much just the cheapest player I could get for the bench. Jese is a player who will get you a goal and an assist every 4 games. Nothing special. Brady is someone I just picked up this week and again nothing special but he takes free kicks and corners and that may be a large supply of Burnley’s goals this season. Maybe I will keep him for a few weeks and see how he does and consider getting someone who may contribute more, especially depending on Burnley’s form. Dele is one player who I do have faith in and I have been pleased with so far this season. He has gotten a good number of points and hopefully now he and Harry will link up more. My strikers have not done too well. Gabiadini has scored once or twice and Chicharito the same. Kane has not gotten any but I trust in his form to rise as usual. I may be thinking of replacing the other two though. Southampton love nil-nil draws and West Ham’s form is awful to start the season. I think that West Ham will eventually improve but I’m not sure It will be soon enough for me to have any reason to keep Chicharito. The one area I have been very happy with is my defense. A good number of clean sheets and it looks like that will continue. And I have good back ups so I can rotate weekly dependent on opposition. So overall my team is ok, but not great. I still need to sort a few things out especially with my midfield. I’m hoping things pick up a bit and it will become more clear who will have a good season and who will have a bad one. Let me know how you’re doing so far! Thanks for reading!


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