Fantasy Premier League 2017-18

With the start of the Premier League coming soon I just made my fantasy team for the upcoming season. I thought I might as well share my team with you guys and hopefully you guys can let me know about yours too. So let’s get into it.


David De Gea- (5.5)

Thibaut Courtois- (5.5)

Pretty standard keeping options. Two of the best in the league who have two of the best defenses in front of them. Can alternate between the two of them depending on who has the more favorable fixture.


Kyle Walker- (6.5)

Toby Alderweireld- (6.0)

James Milner- (6.5)

Eric Bailly- (6.0)

Maya Yoshida- (5.0)

I think these are all pretty decent defenders who play on teams which aren’t too leaky at the back. James Milner is the one exception however with all the penalties he scores and assists he gets I feel he will be worth it. Kyle Walker is a player who also will get a majority of his worth going forward as City is also known to concede a bit too much, however I think Pep will have them in better shape in defense this season. Alderweireld, Bailly, and Yoshida wont get as many points from the attacking end but each of them are solid defenders who play in very strong defenses. Yoshida is an interesting one considering whether Van Dijk will be fit for the start of the season, or if he will even be a Southampton player with Liverpool very keen on signing him. However Southampton have probably the easiest start to the season in terms of fixtures. In their first 11 games they only face 2 teams who finished in the top half of the table last season. Overall I think the defense has a good balance and is one that will hopefully rack up a lot of points.


Dele Alli- (9.5)

Nathan Redmond- (6.5)

Andros Townsend- (6.0)

Robert Snodgrass- (6.0)

Gareth Barry- (4.5)

My Midfield is the one area of my team which I have the least amount of confidence in. I just find midfielders the hardest players to gauge. They aren’t going to score or assist every week but that doesn’t mean they played poorly so you have to take that into consideration . I feel like my midfield will be changing the most throughout the season. Hopefully I got it right and my somewhat low budget players playing for lower level teams will be the star men for their clubs and have great seasons but I am not confident of that. I am very confident of Dele though because he seems to always be scoring no matter what so I don’t mind splashing a bit more for him.


Chicharito- (7.0)

Gabbiadini- (7.0)

Harry Kane- (12.5)

In stark contrast to my low level of confidence in my midfield, I have very high expectations and confidence for my strikers. In my opinion these are all guys who have proven their quality, and most importantly their ability to score. Chicharito has done it in the Prem before and did it all last year at Leverkusen. Gabbiadini however isn’t as proven in the Premier League after having an injury stinted introduction to the English game. However when he was fit he looked the real deal and with how much softer Southampton’s fixture list is at the start of the season compared to some other teams he could get off to a flying start. Moving onto the main man, the most expensive player in the league and my team by some distance, Harry Kane. I have no problem spending this much on Kane as he has proven time after time that he is a pure goalscorer… unless he is a 3 season wonder. But back to back golden boots and 3 consecutive 20+ goal seasons shows what a quality goalscorer he is and that is exactly what I expect him to be this season. I think he could definitely be the golden boot winner once again this season. If he continues what he has done for the past 3 seasons then my team can’t possibly do too badly.


I think that my team looks pretty solid to start this season, but don’t we all at the start of a new season? My midfield worries me a bit. Maybe I’ll have to sacrifice in some other areas in order to improve it if things aren’t working out. I’ll keep you guys updated on how things go and maybe will make this a weekly thing. Let me know what your teams are looking like and maybe if anyone wants to we can create a league. Thanks for reading, Hope you enjoyed!



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